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-- Menu module configuration.
-- Only bindings that are effect in menus are configured here.
-- See ion-menus.lua for menu definitions and ion-bindings.lua
-- for bindings to display menus.
defbindings("WMenu", {
bdoc("Close the menu."),
kpress("Escape", "WMenu.cancel(_)"),
kpress("Control+G", "WMenu.cancel(_)"),
kpress("Control+C", "WMenu.cancel(_)"),
kpress("Left", "WMenu.cancel(_)"),
bdoc("Activate current menu entry."),
kpress("Return", "WMenu.finish(_)"),
kpress("KP_Enter", "WMenu.finish(_)"),
kpress("Control+M", "WMenu.finish(_)"),
kpress("Right", "WMenu.finish(_)"),
bdoc("Select next/previous menu entry."),
kpress("Control+N", "WMenu.select_next(_)"),
kpress("Control+P", "WMenu.select_prev(_)"),
kpress("Up", "WMenu.select_prev(_)"),
kpress("Down", "WMenu.select_next(_)"),
bdoc("Clear the menu's typeahead find buffer."),
kpress("BackSpace", "WMenu.typeahead_clear(_)"),