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-- Ion tiling module configuration file
-- Bindings for the tilings.
defbindings("WTiling", {
bdoc("Go to frame above/below/right/left of current frame."),
kpress(META.."Up", "ioncore.goto_next(_sub, 'up', {no_ascend=_})"),
kpress(META.."Down", "ioncore.goto_next(_sub, 'down', {no_ascend=_})"),
kpress(META.."Right", "ioncore.goto_next(_sub, 'right')"),
kpress(META.."Left", "ioncore.goto_next(_sub, 'left')"),
submap(META.."K", {
bdoc("Split current frame horizontally."),
kpress("Right", "WTiling.split_at(_, _sub, 'right', false)"),
kpress("Left", "WTiling.split_at(_, _sub, 'left', false)"),
kpress("l", "WTiling.split_at(_, _sub, 'right', false)"),
kpress("j", "WTiling.split_at(_, _sub, 'left', false)"),
bdoc("Split current frame vertically."),
kpress("Down", "WTiling.split_at(_, _sub, 'bottom', false)"),
kpress("Up", "WTiling.split_at(_, _sub, 'top', false)"),
kpress("comma", "WTiling.split_at(_, _sub, 'bottom', false)"),
kpress("i", "WTiling.split_at(_, _sub, 'top', false)"),
-- Frame bindings
defbindings("WFrame.floating", {
submap(META.."K", {
bdoc("Tile frame, if no tiling exists on the workspace"),
kpress("B", "mod_tiling.mkbottom(_)"),
-- Context menu for tiled workspaces.
defctxmenu("WTiling", "Tiling", {
menuentry("Destroy frame",
"WTiling.unsplit_at(_, _sub)"),
menuentry("Split vertically",
"WTiling.split_at(_, _sub, 'bottom', true)"),
menuentry("Split horizontally",
"WTiling.split_at(_, _sub, 'right', true)"),
menuentry("Flip", "WTiling.flip_at(_, _sub)"),
menuentry("Transpose", "WTiling.transpose_at(_, _sub)"),
menuentry("Untile", "mod_tiling.untile(_)"),
submenu("Float split", {
menuentry("At left",
"WTiling.set_floating_at(_, _sub, 'toggle', 'left')"),
menuentry("At right",
"WTiling.set_floating_at(_, _sub, 'toggle', 'right')"),
"WTiling.set_floating_at(_, _sub, 'toggle', 'up')"),
"WTiling.set_floating_at(_, _sub, 'toggle', 'down')"),
submenu("At root", {
menuentry("Split vertically",
"WTiling.split_top(_, 'bottom')"),
menuentry("Split horizontally",
"WTiling.split_top(_, 'right')"),
menuentry("Flip", "WTiling.flip_at(_)"),
menuentry("Transpose", "WTiling.transpose_at(_)"),
-- Extra context menu extra entries for floatframes.
defctxmenu("WFrame.floating", "Floating frame", {
menuentry("New tiling", "mod_tiling.mkbottom(_)"),