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@@ -3558,17 +3558,16 @@ usage.
.It LIB_DEPENDS <spec> not needed for <FULLPKGPATH>
There doesn't seem to be any WANTLIB to match the given LIB_DEPENDS.
Thus, the LIB_DEPENDS won't turn into a @depends line in the created package.
-This is often because of confusion between LIB_DEPENDS and RUN_DEPENDS:
-RUN_DEPENDS is needed for dlopen'd libraries.
+This is often because of confusion between LIB_DEPENDS and RUN_DEPENDS.
-Might be intentional sometimes, if some compile flavors create static binaries,
-for instance.
-Also, will happen for multi-packages, where one sets LIB_DEPENDS to have
-a given build dependency (and corresponding WANTLIB for a given SUBPACKAGE).
-.Cm print-package-args Pq Cm lib-depends-args
-for details.
+Needed libraries should always be added to LIB_DEPENDS and WANTLIB.
+In cases where the libraries are not dynamically linked in,
+.Cm lib-depends-check
+will raise a warning, because it can't detect the dependency.
+For example for statically linked libraries, or libraries that are
+loaded by
+.Xr dlopen 3 .
+In this case, add a comment to the Makefile about the intentional warning.
.It "Warning: FULLPKGNAME-sub defined but not FULLPKGPATH-sub"
has been explicitly defined by the port, instead of relying on the default,